Student Examination Software

Student Exam Software

Student Examination Software

Student Examination Software is meant to overcome problem faced by Institutions / Schools / Coaching classes in conducting exams and allotting Students/Candidates to the exams.

Using this Student Examination Software, Staffs can intimate results to the Parents regarding the Performance of their kids.

Student Examination portal has to be made results of the Students/Candidates is to be made login details and maintaing database of the same.

Using Student Examination Software single or cumulative exam report can be generated instantaneously by the teachers and provided to the student.

Examinee can enroll for the exam and can select exam they want to attend.

After completion of exam examinee can see the result and can take the Print also.

Student Examination Software – Overview

  • QB Intranet Exam and QB Student Intranet Exam Software are designed to provide excellent services to your challenging school examination needs. This led us to overcome the problems faced by the schools / institutions in conducting exams.
  • In this Student Examination Software, users can create exam settings by taking questions from the GIFT Question Bank Software and students can be allotted to those exams.
  • It reduces the complication involved in question preparation.
  • Using QB – Student Examination Software, students can attend the exams.
  • Students’ exam mark details and other information can be spooled to excel format which will lead you to prepare reports.

Student Examination Software Suitable for Educational Institutions / Schools like:

Government, Private, Government Aided, Anglo Indian, Matriculation, ICSE Board, CBSE Schools, Play Schools, State Board Schools, Residential / Boarding / International Schools, Montessori Schools, Language Schools, Primary / Upper Primary & Nursery / Kids Schools, Rural / Urban Schools, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Universities, Career Recruitment Companies / Agencies, Tuition Centers, Training Centers and Coaching Classes.

Student Examination Software Features

  • The special feature of the ‘QB Examination Software for Institutions’ is the suitability for all kinds of educational institutes like Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Center / Coaching Classes / Corporate Training. Furthermore, all the repetitive examination settings can be automated with the help of this ‘QB Examination Software for Institutions’.
  • ‘QB Examination Software for Institutions’ is excellent system software that can be used effectively to create examination settings and questions settings for Educational Institutions [Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Center / Coaching Classes / Corporate Training].
  • This ‘QB Examination Software for Institutions’ also gives the option to determine whether the Exam results should be shown to the Students after the completion of the exam.
  • In this ‘QB Examination Software for Institutions’ teachers can create exams and set questions for the exams and also allot students for the exams.
  • Using QB Student Examination Software single or cumulative exam report can be generated instantaneously by the teachers.
  • The QB Student Examination Software is developed keeping in view today’s examination pattern and need of today’s student.
  • The QB Student Examination Software is a powerful Test Engine for Certification Exams.
  • Our Student Examination Software is ideal for candidates appearing for competitive exams where they have to take multiple choice question papers.
  • Our QB Student Examination Software is also useful for parents to keep track of their kid’s performance with no efforts. Teachers can use this software to conduct the examination..
  • Staffs can send the results to the parents in a printable format for cost or also for free of cost as per their convenience.
  • Question settings by the examiner is made simple, fast by examination software as this feature saves a lot of time. Assessment of the students can be tracked, imported to the required software, for further enrichment of data. Pictorial representation of data is possible with the examination software. Furthermore, the results of the exam are directly communicated instantly to the students, parents, teachers, which will enable them to analyze in required areas of improvement.
  • Our QB Student Exam Software is useful for companies and recruiting agencies to measure the candidate’s depth of knowledge. Instead of paying for each online test per candidate, Exam software offers one time investment and lifetime benefit.
  • Staffs can allot students for each exam/tests.
  • Separate Reports are available to view the details of the Candidates who do not attend the exams which is allotted to him/her.
  • Our QB Student Exam Software conducts online examination using QB Student Intranet Exam Software, which gives the result immediately after completion of the examination..
  • You can set different points (marks), negative marking percentage and time allocation for each question. Provides spell check functionality.
  • The examiner can put the question bank on the server and conduct the examination on multiple computers simultaneously connected to the server.
  • Before an exam, test, or questionnaire, do you want to provide special information to the participant? You can create and designate documents for each exam that can be appeared before starting the exam.
  • Other Test Engines available in the market do not allow you to customize your question bank. In Intranet Exam Software you can create your own question bank using “Question Paper Preparation” Screen or you can create question bank from the imported questions taken from ‘GIFT-QB Software’ . You can add Equations, Symbols and Images to your question to make it more visual.
  • Centralized exam records are stored in encrypted format, so cannot be changed. Provides query capability to search for highest score or lowest score.
  • The Intranet Exam Software provides a Print utility to print the results of the candidates as per your requirement. The marks of the candidates will display in chart format.
  • Store data for comparison in subsequent years.
  • Customizable Reports to help you retrieve and analyze the desired statistic data .
  • QB Student Exam Software provides royalty free distribution rights. You can sell your packaged tests or install your packaged tests on unlimited number of computers.
  • Our ‘QB Student Examination Software for Institutions’ provides Package Wizard utility which packages all your tests and creates an executable program.
  • Your packaged tests are completely yours. The packages are totally customizable by you where you can set startup image, company/school/institution logo image, background image, background color, fonts and style and many other attributes.

QB Student Examination Software

  • QB Student Exam Software is designed by keeping in view the latest technology while conducting exams to students.
  • QB Student Examination Software helps to decrease the use of paper and helps in wastage of paper.
  • Centralized access can be maintained through the help of QB Student Examination software. QB Student Online Examination software applications are used for various functions relating to Teachers, Students, Schools and Coaching Institutes.
  • When you select exam name and start examination, Exam Software selects the questions randomly to generate unique sequence of questions.
  • Our QB Student Examina Software is also useful for parents to keep track of their kid’s performance with no efforts. Teachers can use this software to conduct the examination.
  • Make or have ready notes and helpful handouts to assist the parents in helping the child. Make plans to follow up or give the parents an easy way to contact you, such as email. Promise to answer their questions promptly. Remain positive and state that you know you and they can help students be successful.
  • QB Student Intranet Exam Software provides password protection and keep the photos of the candidates to prevent unauthorized users to appear in the exams.
  • Maintain confidentiality and avoid paper leaks.
  • Change question papers at the last minute by pulling questions from the Question Banks generated in the QB Intranet Exam Software.
  • Randomize sequence of questions for each examinee: No two examinees will see the same question at the same time.
  • No data loss even in situation of power and internet failure.
  • Users can attend exams either by logging into that corresponding exam which is allotted to him/her.
  • Users can view the exam results immediately after the exam.
  • Option to display  the feedback for correct answers.
  • Randomize sequence of questions and responses.
  • Format questions as well as responses as per your requirements.
  • Include images in questions as well as responses.
  • Color coding of responses of the questions.
  • Create re-usable question banks.
  • Preview questions while setting up the questions.
  • Preview tests before finalizing and publishing.
  • The timer feature lets you decide in advance how long an individual will be allowed to spend on a test.
  • QB Intranet Exam Software Free Trial / Demo Download Available for evaluation and Testing before purchase.

Advantages of Student Exam Attending Software

  • No need for teachers maintain separate student file and anecdotal.
  • Uniformity in keeping the records.
  • Saves teachers time by 80% and teacher workload reduces by 95%.
  • Build Question bank.
  • Manage Study Material
  • Generate Question Papers.
  • Generate Answer Sheets.
  • Creating well managed ready to use question bank.
  • Minimizing the burden of Test paper generation.
  • Keeping safe the generated/used question papers.
  • Ensure no duplicity of question in frequently conducted exams.
  • Less staff to involve in paper generation process, can be handled by a single person
  • Get rid of making papers every year for every class/subject, as it is saved with you for ever
  • Centralizing Class >> Subject >> Block >> Unitwise Study Material in printable format
  • Totally paperless examinations administration.
  • Allocate rooms, direct students to correct exams.
  • Easily analyzed figures.
  • Forecasts, targets, benchmarks and actual results available in one place.
  • The help file is available for each and every screen regarding how to use the software

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